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The outstanding kettle

The Iconic Line Design Kettle

High quality metal housing 

The housings of the Novis kettles are made of stainless steel. Water will never come into contact with any other material.


Anti-drip spout and ergonomic handle

Automatic switch-off for low energy consumption

Integrated scale filter and wide opening for quick and easy cleaning

Easy to open lid with push button


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Adjustable temperature

For your cup of breakfast tea just the way you like it, look no further than the sleek Novis kettle.  You can choose between 11 temperature levels from 50° C to 100° C. In addition, the kettle maintains the specified temperature for 20 minutes.

Super speed boiling

The Novis kettles bring a liter of water to a boil at top speed. For a single cup, the water is even warm in up to 30 seconds.

Swiss Engineered

Every element encased in the high-end design and stainless steel housing is Swiss engineered.

Automatic switch-off

The automatic steam stop switch-off avoids unnecessary waste of energy.

Integrated scale filter

Integrated directly in the spout, the scale filter improves the water quality.

Metal housing

The heated liquid is never in contact with plastic, so there is no risk of leaching harmful chemical compounds. High-quality materials guarantee the longevity of the kettle.

Award-winning Design

We are the proud recipient of several prestigious design awards, including KitchenInnovation Award and German Design Award.

Kettle for the best teas and much more

The best teas freshly brewed in no time.
  • Matcha green tea

  • Green tea with fresh mint

  • English Breakfast Tea

  • Christmas tea

  • Chamomile lemon-ginger tea

  • Porridge Minute

  • Nettle tea

  • Melissa tea

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Novis Kettle K1

The design kettle

  • Super fast boiling
  • Integrated scale filter
  • Metal housing: water never comes in contact with plastic
  • Automatic switch-off for low energy consumption
  • Design award winner

CHF 129.00

CHF 129.00

CHF 129.00

CHF 129.00

CHF 129.00


Novis Kettle KTC1

The outstanding kettle

  • Adjustable temperature with 11 levels from 50°C to 100°C
  • Automatic switch-off for low energy consumption
  • Super fast boiling
  • Integrated scale filter
  • Metal housing: water never comes in contact with plastic
  • Design award winner

CHF 149.00

CHF 149.00

CHF 149.00

CHF 149.00

CHF 149.00


Capacity 1.6 L
Adjustable temperature KTC1: 50°C - 100°C (every 5°C)
Material Housing: stainless steel
Size (W X L X H) 25 x 17 x 21 cm
Weight 1.25 kg
Power 220 - 240 V | 2'200-2'400 W
Warranty 24 months full warranty