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VitaTec is a patented technology from Novis, where the citrus press works in combination with the Centrifuge.

Using the natural pressure of your hand on the CitroMax, you can get the most from your citrus fruit by squeezing out all the fruit, including the pulp.

Then our centrifuge opens the healthy fruit fibres for a velvety smooth, cold-pressed juice, which is packed with vitamins.

Thanks VitaTec®, both juice and fibres end up in your glass, guaranteeing maximum nutrition as well as a super smooth texture.

CitroMax is the unique conical shape of the Novis citrus press. Thanks to it special design you can get the most from your citrus fruit. And it works as well for a small lime as for a big grapefruit.

The Smoothie / Puree function is made for soft fruit or vegetable like strawberries, bananas or avocados. You should not use it for hard fruits like apples or carrots. 

The centrifuge should be emptied regularly when juicing relatively large quantities and hard fruit or vegetable. For example, we recommend emptying the centrifuge after around five carrots.

In order to maximise the juice yield, do not press down too hard on the pusher to allow the fruit or vegetable to be slowly and completely shredded on the grater. Also, leave the VitaJuicer running for a few more seconds at the end until all the juice has run out. 

Of course. All the removable parts are in BPA free Tritan and can be washed in the dishwasher (avoid temperatures over 60°C). 

1. Make sure that the inner container is fitted properly and that the lid or pulp collector is lined up correctly and locked in position.
2. Is your VitaJuicer plugged in at the mains?
3. Is there a fault with the fuse in the VitaJuicer? If you are using a circuit-breaker, make sure that the circuit is closed.
4. Unplug the VitaJuicer from the mains and plug the plug back in the socket.

1. Make sure that the spout unit is fitted correctly and that the spout is pressed down.
2. Remove the inner container and clean the valve.
3. Make sure the centrifuge is correctly assembled and locked in position.


On maximum speed the ProBlender achieves 30’000 rotations per minute. 

The Novis SmartAdapt technology is a wireless container detection system based on NFC technology (Near Field Communication). It ensures that all Novis containers on the ProBlender operate according to the respective size and shape. Both, the pre-set programmes and the manual speed functions adjust the motor performance automatically through electronic motor control. 

The Novis Wireless Safety System ensures the ProBlender is as safe as it is well-designed. The ProBlender only works when the container and lid are properly in place. 

Best results: The ProBlender delivers a better absorption of vitamins, a stronger taste and a perfect texture thanks to the combination of our triangular container and our geometric blades with up to 120,000 cuts per minute.

Normal cleaning of the container

1. Fill the container half full with warm water.

2. Add 2-3 drops conventional washing-up liquid to the container.

3. Place the container fitted with the lid (with inserted measuring cup) correctly on the drive unit.

4. Activate the cleaning program. If you own a ProBlender 650L, allow the appliance to run at level 2 for about 2 minutes.

5. Rinse the container thoroughly with warm water and dry.

Intensive cleaning of the container

1. Fill the container about half full with undiluted vinegar.

2. Place the container fitted with the lid (with inserted measuring cup) correctly on the drive unit.

3. Start the ProBlender on speed level 1 and increase to level 4. Allow the unit to run for about 4-5 minutes and then turn the power off.

4. Allow the vinegar to act for about 30 minutes.

5. Rinse the container thoroughly with warm water and dry.

1. Is it properly connected to the power outlet?
2. Is the power switch located on the back of the blender on position ON?
3. Check the correct position of the lid and positioning of the container on the drive unit.
4. Check the position of the centering pad.