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Disinfecting and not shaking hands can help spreading a flu infection, but in the cold and flu season it is important that your immune system is strong and resistant.
How do you strengthen your immune system in a natural way?
With enough sleep, vitamin-rich food and regular exercise. Novis supports you here and offers with its ProBlender and VitaJuicer as well as the Novis-App the necessary recipes to strengthen the immune system with natural, homemade smoothies, soups, juices, etc.

"Stay healthy thanks to us"

Novis VitaJuicer and ProBlender
Discover now the high performance NovisProBlender that will allow you to boost your immune system and create vitamin-rich smoothies. It also makes it easy to prepare delicious sauces and even hot soups.
In independent tests carried out in 2018 at the world-leading Swiss Vitamin Institute, the Novis VitaJuicer was proven to extract more juice (+12%), produce less waste (-38%) and extract significantly more vitamins (+56%) than the nearest competitor’s premium juicer.