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Dami Niederhauser, founder of the ABC Medical Health & Nutrition Center, was confronted 10 years ago with a disease in which the weakened immune system attacks its own tissues. She began to study special diets: vegan nutrition, acid-base balance in the body and the connections between vitamins and minerals with autoimmune diseases. She acquired extensive knowledge in intestinal health and body detoxification. 

Today, Dami Niederhauser clearly states that she is completely cured. And not through medication, but through the experiences she made - first and foremost the right nutrition! She shares her knowledge about the power of the right nutrition with us today in a 7-day detox cure with the Novis ProBlender. Take part of it now - the cure is available on the Novis APP.

"The ProBlender is the ideal companion for a healthy lifestyle."

Dami Niederhauser, nutrition coach and owner of ABC Medical Health & Nutrition Center.

Dami's recipe: Antioxidant Smoothie with wild blueberries

- 150g wild blueberries, fresh or frozen
- 1 x banana
- 1 x apple
- 1 x orange
- 4 x Medjool dates
- 1 tsp x barley grass juice powder
- 100 ml water or coconut water as needed
Blend all ingredients in the Novis ProBlender high performance blender until smooth.