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Leading Swiss chef Christoph Hunziker - and his Novis ProBlender - recently took part in the Swiss heats of the prestigious Bocuse d’Or competition in Geneva. With his fish recipe, for which he uses the ProBlender to create the sauce, Christoph was competing against three other Swiss chefs who had been selected to take part in the hope of reaching the global final of the Bocuse d’Or in Lyon, France in 2019.
Christoph is no stranger to tough competition, having won the Swiss Bocuse d’Or in 2014 and coming second at the Chefs en Or in Paris in 2016.
As owner and Chef de Cuisine at the Schüpbärg-Beizli in Switzerland, Christoph and his team deliver traditional Swiss cuisine with a modern twist and focus on both seasonality and regionality in their food. The Novis ProBlender is an essential kitchen companion to Christoph and his team.

"The Novis ProBlender is an essential kitchen companion - ideal to create fine sauces."

Christoph Hunziker

Christoph's recipe: SPINACH-CREAM SOUP

- 100g shallot (around 4 medium pieces)
- 10g garlic (around 1 piece)
- 100g butter
- 40g white flour
- 7dl water
- 2dl cream
- 0.5dl white wine
- 20g chicken bouillon
- 500g leaf spinach
- 12g salt
Steam the shallots and garlic in butter, dust with the white flour and place the preparation in the Novis ProBlender. Fill with water, cream, white wine and bouillon cube and select the soup program. Once the program has ended, add salt and leaf spinach and run again the Novis ProBlender on step 5 for 30 seconds.
Refine the soup with roasted pine nuts, whipped cream or sour cream and enjoy!