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If you like to push yourself to the limit on your bike, make sure you always give your body back the power it’s lost. And our Novis ProBlender provides more power – in two ways.
With its 120,000 cuts per minute, the ProBlender has the power to blend any ingredient into a power snack. The perfect power snack that will give you your power back and prepare you for your next ride. But that’s not all: with our Novis ProBlender, you can not only prepare meals, but also take them with you thanks to the On-The-Go function. What could be better than stopping off for a refreshment break on a ride, and enjoying a breathtaking mountain panorama?

Energy giant

Delicious and healthy smoothie

Tasty and healthy smoothie. Vitamin C bomb from paprika, orange and lemon. As well as omega-3 fatty acids, the avocado also supplies vitamin E that fights of free radicals as a free antioxidant. As well as mineral nutrients such as calcium and magnesium, the ginger also supplies anti-inflammatory essential oils.

  •  150 gram green paprika
  • 80 gram avocado
  • 150 gram peeled orange
  • 2 tablespoon
  • lemon juice
  • 10 gram ginger
  • 1 piece mint stalk
  • 1 pinch salt
  • 30 ml water 

Put all ingredients in the bowl and start the smoothie function (speed setting 2 for ten seconds followed by setting 5 for 20 seconds).