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Ecologically controlled cultivation. Sounds impressive, but it’s quite easy to do yourself: in your own garden. Or on an even smaller scale on your own balcony. And anyone who grows their own ingredients for making delicious meals knows exactly what they’re eating.
True to the motto “You are what you eat”, our Novis ProBlender is ideal for helping you to process your home-grown herbs and ingredients into very tasty dishes. With up to 120,000 cuts per minute, it can process even the hardest ingredients into fine mixtures. Five automatic programmes and six speed settings allow you to prepare hot soups, refreshing sorbets and energy-boosting smoothies in no time at all. The list of your favourite recipes is about to grow much longer.

Rocket Pesto

Tasty pesto to go with noodles or bread. The rocket supplies a large quantity of vitamins such as vitamins A and C and folic acid as well as mineral nutrients such as potassium and calcium.

  • 120 gram arugula 
  • 60 gram parmesan 
  • 60 gram pine nuts 
  • 2 piece clove(s) of garlic 
  • 100 ml olive oil 
  • 2 pinch salt 
  • 2 pinch pepper 
First put the pine nuts and oil in the bowl, then add rocket, parmesan, garlic, salt and pepper. Mix everything together for 30 seconds at speed setting 3.


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